Coffee House

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to stimulate the brain.


Ciro Caffè was born in 2011 from Maurizio Rigano’s passion for gourmet coffee and their desire to create exclusive and luxury coffee experiences all over the world. Since 2011 in Frankfurt, Ciro Caffè has been producing exquisite coffee and protecting our roasting methods as the most precious secret of the coffee shop. We also offer our guests an authentic Italian experience with comfortable cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment, complemented by the unique Italian design of each place. “The pastry shop reminds me of my parents, I was born in the midst of these perfumes, in their pastry shop.” Coffee is our tradition, passion and we consider it a wonderful Italian art. Join us at Ciro Caffè will give you countless reasons to fall in love with the taste of Italy again.

Our Brands

Ciro Caffè

Str. 62A, Frankfurt, DE

To start the day I choose a coffee, to continue it, a smile.

Live Music

M&A Fortune, Coffee Roastery

Hostato Str. 31, Frankfurt DE

The Ciro Coffee roasting laboratory is a real taste workshop.

M&A Fortune Headquarters

Kaiser Str. 19, Frankfurt DE

Chase the vision, not the money, and the money will end up following you.

Interactive Workshops

There is no such thing as a good morning that does not bring with it the scent of espresso.