Projects almost always involve the execution of a series of jobs or tasks along the way from idea to actual execution.


M&A Fortune Parent Company has been operating in Europe since the 1983s in the building industry sector through Group Rigano, specifically in Italy. The company specializes in real estate requalification and restructuring of residential sectors. Also, since 2000, the company has become active in the real estate sector. The projects carried out by Group Rigano, are characterized by their high level and professionalism in the execution of the works, being able to assure the client the most competitive prices in the market. Group Rigano has also specialized in building residential solutions that guarantee efficiency, energy saving and bio-building. Furthermore, the Group has also been devoted in promoting and financing its works whether directly or through other companies belonging to the Group. This experience also enables us to provide you the best advice in this sector. Our team of architects and engineers with international experience can offer attractive designs based on world standards of safety and efficiency and the use of top-quality materials and respect for the environment. Also, the possibility of implementing projects that foster modern technologies, elegance and modernism. We provide consultancy to our clients in the execution and supervision stage of their projects. We have the construction equipment rentals of different capacities you need, with the most modern models and completely revised and insured to guarantee the efficiency and punctuality at the moment of the construction. Furthermore, we offer scaffolding rentals and other equipment required in the construction phase.

Having many projects to realize in the various fields of life represents the right bite even in the darkest moments: self-esteem is strengthened and optimism also benefits.

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Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Somehow they know what you really want to become. Everything else is secondary.

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.