In its vibrant colors and its scent seems to summarize the joy of living in our country.

Ciro Il Lattaio, thanks to the excellent cuisine and the helpfulness of his staff, is the ideal space for all those who are looking for taste and a youthful place to spend a pleasant evening. In fact, the “Pinseria” is the right place for any occasion: from an intimate dinner to going out with friends, from a birthday party to a more formal meeting. Our staff every day renews its commitment to devote itself completely to the customer to satisfy your requests and make you feel at home. “The pinserie Ciro il Lattaio was born from my enthusiasm to do something new, after many tests, I decide to open my first pinseria in 2012, and a production of buffalo mozzarella all live.” With pride, four have already been opened in Frankfurt and one in Italy, and the story continues with new openings! It is not a pizza, it is not even a focaccia, its origin is far away, even if it is one of the trendiest ‘baked’ foods in recent years. And, in addition to being cool, it is also excellent: what more could you want? We are talking about pinsa, a recipe based on wheat, soy, rice flour, and sourdough, whose dough is left to rise from 48 to 72 hours. For this reason, pinsa is more digestible than the classic pizza. Pinsa comes from the Latin ‘pinsere’ (to stretch) and that is why it does not have (or should never have) a round shape. M&A Fortune Parent Company controls the entire Ciro Il Lattaio Mozzarella Live Group. “Life is too short not to be Italian!”


If it goes out of its way to make you happy, it is a pinsa.

Even the worst situations improve with a good pinsa.

Our Locations

Ciro il lattaio, Berger Straße 89, Frankfurt DE

The perfect love is  Pinsa at four in the morning.

Ciro il lattaio, Schulstraße 31, Frankfurt DE

Happiness is turning around and realizing that there is another piece of Pinsa on the plate.

Ciro il lattaio, Stephanstraße 13, Frankfurt DE

Even the worst situations get better with a good Pinsa.

Ciro il lattaio, Corso Vittorio Alfieri 135, Diamante IT

Even if it’s a bad day ,a bite of pinsa can brighten your day.