At a Steakhause, choose a table next to a waiter.

A social and urban steakhouse located in the heart of Frankfurt, where steak lovers can enjoy top quality meat from Australia.
Ciro Steakhouse has partnered with Stanbroke to provide the highest quality beef cuts with consistent marbling and delicious flavor. The restaurant prides itself on the high quality of the beef and its simple cooking techniques that create the most delicious menu. So go ahead and select your favorite prime cuts and let our chefs prepare the perfect grilled meat full of flavor and fresh from our Josper charcoal oven.

Isoletta Steakhouse are located in the old town of Neu-Isenburg and Wiesbaden, Germany.
It combines impeccable service and exceptional quality. Our team of talented chefs and dedicated staff provide old school table service for people celebrating their lives.
The Isoletta Group was founded by Maurizio Rigano which is the CEO of the group. Each of the eight locations is based on Maurizio’s original vision and is designed to offer guests a unique and unparalleled service meeting, where every single detail is considered an essential element of the overall experience.

Dakota Steakhouse, located in the fantastic Herestrau park of Bucharest with a spectacular view of the lake, to offer you an unforgettable dinner.
A tour of the world in the name of excellence: from fine bovine breeds such as Chianina, American Black Angus, Rubia Gallega and Finnish Sashi come steaks and Florentine, from Argentina selected cuts such as fillet and the famous Australian tomahawk steak.


Our Brands

Ciro Steakhouse

Bergerstraße 104, Frankfurt DE

Food is something you don’t do alone. And conviviality is the most engaging experience.

Isoletta Steakhouse

Bahnhofstraße 3, Neu-Isenburg DE

What could be nicer than a reunion of true friends around a good table?
It’s the steak of life.

Isoletta Steakhouse

Taunusstraße 23, Wiesbaden DE

If you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful.

Dakota Steakhouse

Sos. Nordului Nr.7-9, Bucharest RO

Have you eaten? It’s the most authentic expression of love.

If you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful.