Isoletta Restaurants recall the elegant and original design and pay homage to the great Italian tradition. Every detail in their interiors has been carefully chosen to guarantee guests a perfect gastronomic experience. Raised tables and seats, the admiration of the views offered by our facilities throughout Europe.

In the Isoletta Restaurants the chefs take care of a cuisine that blends the modern Italian concept with the classic one, offering a simple and contemporary interpretation of the unique and refined flavors of the peninsula.

Each dish is born from the encounter between the Mediterranean passion, which has always distinguished all Isoletta Restaurants, and the taste for international cuisine, which constantly teases the imagination of the chefs.

A proposal that is completed and enriched with simple and tasty dishes that change according to the season, the inspiration of the Chefs and the curiosities of the Guests.

Also for food, as well as for wine, the common thread is the search for qualitative excellence starting from the raw material, from large producers to small food companies, the pride of our country.

“For over 34 years I have dedicated my passion to catering, to always offer people the best.”


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